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Your Business is unique.

It’s true. We have almost two decades of experience in the domain/ hosting space and of the hundreds of companies we interact with, no two are the same. In a highly competitive market, your advantage is the uniqueness of your business and the best way to identify what makes your business unique is to look at the numbers.

In the domain and hosting business, we use Big Data to identify patterns and subsets of customers. To sell products and services, we need to understand who our customers are, what they want right now and what they will want and need in the future. Using big data to target customers quickly and directly is the most effective way to deliver a high quality experience that leads to loyalty and retention.

Pandalytics – You don’t need to be a wizard or a data scientist

We have developed the Pandalytics platform to slice and dice all the data that is specific to your company.

Pandalytics combines 15 years of human experience in the domain and hosting industries observing customer needs and analyzing the trends, which allow businesses to thrive with the deepest possible bank of data that exists within our ecosystem. The result is human sensitivity married with the most comprehensive data collection technology available.

Plug Pandalytics in, and view your real-time, comprehensive data with the touch of a button. We created this product to be immediate, portable and easily understood by anyone. You don’t have to be a wizard or a data scientist and you don’t have to hire an analyst.

You can even check your data anywhere you take your mobile device or tablet. Seriously. Anywhere.

There is only one real market for your registry, registrar or hosting company. Find it easily with Pandalytics and get started on strategically marketing and increasing sales immediately.

Database Statistics

Total domains

What is it for

  Registries Registrars Hosting Companies
SALES Helps registrars market your specific TLD Create real lead lists based on specific market segmentation Create lead lists based on real-time usage of web services by businesses and individuals.
MARKETING Use our data to learn more about your customers and find new ways to reach the markets you want to go after. Receive immediate, constant data on your customers needs in real time with the touch of a button. This allows you to create highly targeted promotions with greater odds of success. Analyse real-time service usage by customers to make quick, simple decisions about your product line within existing and prospective customer bases.
STRATEGY Analyse your TLD’s position in the market in real time. Use our data to find out what works for your TLD and pivot your strategy at a moment’s notice. Analyse your market position in any segment. Make immediate decisions based on real time data that allows you to shift strategy whenever you choose. Use our data to understand the effectiveness of current products and services as well as in the strategic development of new services.

The Data

Domain Information

We start from the domain name, because this is from your business starts as well. Not only we crawl all the information about the domain itself, but our system return you information about how the domain is used, and for each possible usage of a domain, we provide you additional information.

DNS Data

The information contained in the DNS records of a domain can be critical to identify the usage and the type of customer you're dealing with. From the type of website to the type of customers that is behind it by leveraging the full power of what the DNS tell you you can target with pint point precision.


Is not only a matter of website, but what is really a website about? We structure the content of website to allow you to search and understand the domains and websites in our database. The Title, description and the text itself of the homepage of the web are distilled and structure for you to search on.


We analyse what is the structure and how a website is developed. Whether a website is a blog, a wiki or an eCommerce site or much more. With this complete collection of data you can understand who is the user behind a website and how is this website used. All vital information to asses and understand your market and take very informed decisions.

Our Clients


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